About Us

Bucket Philosophy

I grew up a shoobie, spending my summer days on the beaches in Ocean City and Sea Isle City.  My Mom would lug all four of us kids to 42nd Street beach along with chairs, umbrellas, canvas rafts and God knows what else (no carts back then!) - and would STILL have to figure out what to feed us for lunch.  The idea behind Beach Bucket Lunch was to make the beach simple and fun for everyone - Moms included.  Each bucket holds a sandwich, chips, tastykake and cold drink that will satisfy even the hungriest in your pack.  

At BBL, we love the beach and ocean as much as you do.  Our goal is to push us in an eco-friendly direction and so this year, we are using  biodegradable utensils, hand wipes and compostable bags for all of your trash. And you can use your buckets again to make sand castles, store magazines, or even play the bongos!

We are all about trying to keep it simple  but really, really good.  By partnering with two locally-owned sandwich institutions - Blitz’s Markets at 21st and 34th Streets in OC and Nickelby’s in SIC, BBL makes sure you get your favorite sammie choices, classic South Jersey style.  For once, Mom’s, you don’t have to do a damn thing except sit on the beach where you belong!  And if it’s one of those great late beach days and you don’t wanna come off just to cook dinner, check out one of our classic Clam Bakes!  

So even though our old school blue and yellow canvas rafts have evolved into boogie boards, the fun and memories remain the same.  Go catch some waves, order some sammies so Mom can enjoy her day too, and join us in keeping the beach every Mom’s clean, happy place!